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POWER AND PASSION – This manager’s order book is a best-seller!

It is an interesting twist on the theory of six degrees of separation that every time you get on a Qantas or Jetstar 787 (and a majority of 787s with airlines worldwide for that matter) you have, in part, to thank Kathy MacKenzie and her team for getting you to your destination safely and efficiently. 

Fire Signs – Climate Change Keeps Kestrel on Their Toes

When it comes to debate over climate change, you won’t find Ray Cronin lining up with the sceptics. As boss of specialist aviation group Kestrel, he has seen first hand how the influence of climate change has grown year by year to produce what is one of the few true growth ‘industries” in the helicopter sector: fighting fires.

Good Kit – Delta Force

This watch keeps a whole lot more than time

Mission Possible: Kiwi ingenuity behind the movie industry’s best aerial cinematography

When an innovative New Zealand company develops a cutting-edge aerial camera system a stone’s throw from an airport where a…

MAXED OUT – Fate may define the difference between being first and being best

There was a time when being first into the market with the latest jet from Boeing or Airbus was a winning formula for progressive airlines. Over the past few years, however, being a prime mover has become a risky and highly costly business as repeated operational glitches plague some of the newest models.

Queensland Police’s PolAir chief pilot talks drones

A conversation with Sergeant Rob Whittle, who is in command of the Queensland Police’s fleet of remotely piloted aircraft, known as PolAir.


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